Yuko Räsänen, Born in Japan

Book author/Writer/Coordinator

Live in Helsinki, Finland since 2015. 

Done my education in London, U.K. for 7 years.

Living in Europe more than 14 years.

I write book and articles about Finland and Finnish lifestyle, culture, food, restaurants, art and design for Japanese media.

I published my first book in Japan in 2020.

I work as local coordinator between Japan and Finland. When Japanese group (companies or media)  visit to Finland, I provide various services such as  coordinations, arrangements, translations, guiding. To make their time in Finland meaningful and comfortable. 

I work as a bridge between my own country Japan and my beloved Finland.

Hobbies & Interests: Traveling, photography, art&design, hiking, swimming, cooking & baking

What are your favourite pastimes in Finland?

- Summer cottage, picking up blueberries in the forest. Hiking and grilling Finnish sausage surrounded by Nature. Sauna and swimming in the lakes. walking on the frozen lakes & sea.