Yuko Räsänen Japan-Finland Coordination is based in Helsinki, Finland. We offer coordination and communication services in various fields between Finland and Japan, such as writing articles, media coordination, business expansion to the Japanese market, Marketing & PR, business consulting, planning tourism, interpreting and translations.


Moi! I`m Yuko. Author, writer and coordinator based in Helsinki.

Born in Japan. Live in Helsinki, Finland since 2015.

Did my education in London, U.K. for 7 years.

Living in Europe more than 14 years.

I write book and articles about Finland and Finnish lifestyle, culture, food, restaurants, art and design for Japanese media.

I published my first book in Japan in 2020.

I work as a bridge between my own country Japan and my beloved Finland.

Hobbies & Interests: Traveling, photography, art&design, hiking, swimming, cooking & baking.