A Bridge between Finland and Japan - Coordination and Communication

Yuko Räsänen Japan-Finland Coordination is based in Helsinki, Finland. We offer coordination and communication services in various fields between Finland and Japan, such as business expansion to the Japanese market, Marketing & PR, business consulting, coordination and planning tourism, interpreting, translations, etc. 

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"Moi Finland, Life in Finland"


CoordinationArrangements Inspection tourGuideInterpretingTranslations

Companies, organization, university tour inspection. 

Writing articles Photography

Writing various themes/topics concerning both Japan and Finland such as work environment, gender equality, social security, education, cultures, language, food, lifestyle, trends etc.  

Providing photography

Business Marketing Consulting

Business marketing, marketing research, PR, business consulting. Network building. 

Buyers import and exportBusiness support 

Introducing Finnish brands/ designers/artists/shops to the Japanese  market. We connect you with your Japanese clients.

Planning and coordinating events, seminars, speeches

Planning and coordinating Japan/Finland- related events and seminars in Japan or in Finland. 

How is the life in Finland; one of the happiest countreis in the world?

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Yuko Räsänen Japan-Finland Coordination
Yuko Räsänen

Address: Helsinki, Finland

TEL: +358(0)45-6641053

Email: yukorasanen@gmail.com

Website: www.yukorasanen.fi